Lucia Aniello

Italian born UCB alum Lucia Aniello brings her razor sharp wit and comedic perspective to everything she touches. She is a triple-threat director, writer, and performer behind satirical heavyweights Broad City and Other Space.

After graduating from Columbia University in 2007, she began writing and directing small shorts through the website and comedy production company Paulilu Productions. One of her most well known projects was 2012’s "Paulilo Mix Tape,” which became her entry into the comedy circuit.

Aniello hit a career milestone after co-writing and directing 2017's "Rough Night" which included a star studded cast and was the first R rated studio comedy directed by a woman in nearly 20 years. In addition, she has a history of crafting unforgettable content for brands including Dollar Shave Club, Audi, the Emmys, and more.