Casey & Danielle are the directing duo MINDCASTLE. Together they are known for creating engaging, striking and impactful films. They developed their cinematic eye with a foundation in photography that flourished into directing. While in college, they were approached by ESPN to create a piece for the NFL Draft. This led to working on numerous films, commercials and TV shows with top athletes such as Derek Jeter & Russell Wilson. 


Since transitioning to directing commercials, MINDCASTLE has worked with brands such as Patrón, The New York Rangers, Facebook, Canon, and Microsoft. Casey and Danielle thrive in collaborative settings and enjoying working with brands and agencies to build ideas from the ground up. They love to be a part of the whole process, often designing and creating unique props and elements for their films such as over one hundred hand-created basketball team branded mixtapes for their ESPN film “Mixtape”. They were also fortunate to work with ARRI on the development of the Alexa Mini, providing feedback on the design and functionality. This led them to create the successful and award winning launch film “The Journey.” MINDCASTLE’s work has acquired numerous accolades including the One Show’s One to Watch directors, Young Director’s Awards at Cannes, One Screen Festival’s Emerging Directors as well as an Emmy Award.