April 8th, 2022

Sanctuary Films' Brandt Lewis directs the spot for BBDO New York.

Snickers latest work, Unfiltered, represents the next evolution of the brand’s long-running campaign that shows how the effects of hunger can lead to slip-ups, mistakes, and all-out disasters.

Mars is transforming our approach to consumer engagement, digital marketing, and brand purpose. The latest instalment of SNICKERS content shares new reflections based on data-led insights into consumer behaviour tied to when people are feeling out-of-sorts, in a way that is not only relatable to everyday situations, but ultimately in a way only a brand like SNICKERS can distinctively bring to life.” – Rankin Carroll, chief brand and content officer, Mars Wrigley.

“The truth that moments of hunger can make you feel out-of-sorts and lead to embarrassing mistakes has proven to stay true across generations and changing audiences. Every few years we’re exposed to social and technological shifts that present a new set of circumstances, new behaviours, and entirely new possibilities for your hunger to get the best of you.” –Scott Mahoney, creative director, BBDO New York.

Unfiltered was created by BBDO New York with Sanctuary Films’ director Brandt Lewis.

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