AdAge / Creativity
by Anne-Christine Diaz
September 28, 2020

All this month, OKCupid has been leveraging lust in order to get out the vote. First, it introduced voter badges on its platform to help love-seekers pinpoint those who are registered (along with fascinating data in its Voter 2020 report showing that those who are, are more likely to get messaged and matched). That followed with a campaign celebrating VILFs, and now, a new ad asserting that not being a registered voter is a massive turn-off, or more specifically, “America’s biggest cockblock.”

The documentary-style film from Mischief @ No Fixed Address communicates the idea by way of a bunch of chickens. It takes place on a farm, where the owners are trying to figure out how to keep their roosters from hounding the hens. They discover that when playing cable news in the hen house, the female chickens were turned off by apathy, leading to the solution to their woes (unveiled in the film).

“Voters are far more likely to get a match, and therefore are more attractive,” said Bianca Guimaraes, co-executive creative director at Mischief in a statement. “Right now, nothing is a more effective cockblock than not voting,” added co-Executive Creative Director Kevin Mulroy.

The film was pulled off in just eight days, directed by Brandt Lewis with production company Sanctuary.

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