Shots Magazine
January 26th, 2021

Los Angeles-based siblings Sophie and Walker Cole, aka The Coles, bring their contemporary point of view to Sanctuary Content.

Known for drawing viewers in with carefully crafted characters, nuanced performances, vivid aesthetics, and true-to-life situations, The Coles communicate the full spectrum of human emotion while nudging at the edges of our perceived reality. A shared passion for a story-first approach makes this newly inked partnership sing.

For both their commercial and short film work, The Coles prepare closely together leading up to a shoot, then divide and conquer on set. Sophie focuses on performance, while Walker communicates with the talent. With one keeping an eye on the big picture to stay true to the vision, and the other focusing on the momentum, energy, and mechanics of the shoot, they hold each other accountable, coming out the other side stronger as a result. The product of this creative give-and-take can be seen in campaigns for brands including Apple Music, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, CVS, and Tory Burch.

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