Muse by Clio
May 5th, 2021

You're on vacation at the shore, when suddenly, a small plane buzzes overhead, trailing a message from work that rudely breaks into your sun-soaked reverie.

Don't you just hate when that happens?

BBDO New York presents this profoundly annoying scenario in the new spot above. "Can't chill? Maybe you just need a Snickers Ice Cream," the ad says.

Damn you, metaphor-plane, you're sabotaging my tan!

Running across YouTube, Verizon, Facebook, Snapchat and elsewhere, the summer campaign features weather-based triggers that serve ads whenever the temperature rises past certain points in various markets.

So they'll sell lots of product when it's sure to melt, and you'll have to buy more. Cool strategy, Snickers.

Next, a doofus dad spends an unhappy holiday buried up to his neck in the sand. (Please feed that downer dude an ice cream bar, stat!)

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